The founders, members, and donors of LifeBeginsAtBirth.org have come together out of a deep abiding love for the human race and deep concern for human life and continued human existence on this planet.

We deeply believe that the well-intentioned movement of “personhood” and the concept of “life begins at conception” came about in the 1960’s and has no religious or factual scientific basis whatsoever.

As deeply devout people of faith from
all religions and spiritual moral people of no religion, we have deeply examined the issue and come to a singular unique conclusion that “life begins at conception” is a blasphemous heretical belief that makes the god of “pro-lifers” to be a sadistic wasteful monstrous god who wastes humanity and souls on empty parasitic [medically dependent upon the host for survival] pre-human containers he knows full well will be destroyed horrifically and never live. We believe this “god” is truly a monster and that the real God of Abraham, Moses, Christ, and Mohammed would never do any such thing for any reason whatsoever.

We deeply believe that, as in Genesis, a human being only becomes human at the point when God breathes the breath of life and a soul into the container. In the case of Adam, the Bible tells us it was a lump of clay God fashioned into human shape and gave life and an eternal soul to. It made no difference whatsoever if that lump of clay had a beating heart of any kind before He did this or when that occurred;
just as life and the soul leaves the body at the last breath, we believe that human life and a soul enters the body with the first breath, at either birth or in the rarer case, premature birth.

We believe that no matter how a fetus resembles a human being, it is
not human life until God Himself gives that prehuman life and an eternal soul with the first breath.

We do
not believe, as the “pro-lifers” and a handful of atheist scientists do, that man and woman create life during a sex act, no matter how sanctified they need to make it in their own minds to assuage puritanical guilt at the pleasure involved. Indeed, we believe to do so elevates that sex act to a level of God Himself giving life, and hearkens back to the original temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden: “Ye shall be as God.”

We believe that the notion that “life begins at conception” assuages guilt over sex and appeals to the ego of man simultaneously, and that the author of such a heretical and blasphemous concept can only be Satan himself.

We believe
only Satan wins when God is made out to be a sadistic wasteful monster, highly imperfect, wasting souls and human life on parasitic empty containers he full well knows will be terminated upon the God-granted free will of the female.

We believe
only Satan wins when fully a third of women on the planet are made out in false witness to be “child” “murderers”. That only Satan wins when Doctors sworn to help women in their God-given free will are abused, hunted down, shunned by society, and even murdered in cold blood, one in the narthex of a church!! We believe only Satan could be the author of any concept that could lead to any so-called “justified” murder, to “save” “babies” who have never been babies, never were babies, and never will be babies.

We believe
only Satan wins when a woman’s entire life is ruined with false guilt and remorse over false witness and anti-Christian attacks.

We believe
only Satan wins when couples experience spontaneous natural abortions in great sorrow because they have mistaken “fruit” for a child. And never fully understand why God would “take” their “baby”.

We believe this truth is why Jesus Christ Himself never said “Gather the children and
‘the women bearing fruit’ unto me”. Why the Bible tells us He never once laid hands on a pregnant woman blessing the fruit therein.

The Bible consistently refers to the not yet born as “fruit” rather than “babies” and there are many parables in the Bible about fruit falling on barren ground.

We believe that in Biblical times, indeed, right up until the 1960’s in our own time, people believed that fetuses were, indeed,
pre-human and not human. That no one ever once questioned Jesus Christ about when human life began although He had to know that it would become the defining question of our time. It was a given: Life Begins At Birth. Any other conclusion meant God was a sadistic, wasteful monster. They knew blasphemy and heresy in their time; What happened to us?

Women have been terminating pregnancies since the very beginning. Throwing themselves on the ground, falling down heights, branches, herbal remedies, horse riding, wearing corsets that restrained their uteruses so tightly that a pregnancy was all but impossible, and in the last century, wire coat hangers and back-alley butchers and lifelong “fixers”. The prostitutes whom Jesus Christ Himself befriended
had to be terminating their pregnancies as a necessary task to keep working, and yet Jesus Christ never said one word to them about doing so being a sin.

Indeed, in harsh Judaic Law which demands
death for adulterers and misbehaving children, there is not a single mention of any crime of terminating a pregnancy or a penalty thereof. In the entire Bible!

There is only one mention of a fetus being referred to as a child, and that was Martha with John the Baptist, when the fetus kicked. The Bible tells us
Martha believed the fetus was a baby, but both she and Mary had already been warned to recognize these pregnancies as uncommon miracles via the Annunciation by an angel, whose primary reason for doing so was so that, Mary especially as being unmarried, would not terminate their pregnancies as was obvious common in that day!

We believe that if a man and woman today are personally visited by an angel today telling them they are bearing the
Son Of God and/or his cousin, that they too should not ever consider terminating their pregnancies!

We also believe that for anyone else to equate their child with Christ or even John the Baptist is also highly blasphemous and heretical.

We believe that, whether or not the reason this heretical blasphemous belief started with the Catholic Church in the 1960's as a fear of birth control and safe legal medical abortion cutting into the collection plate take or Church membership, or later on encouraged by right-wing propaganda trash films such as “The Silent Scream” designed to amass great wealth and acquire great political power and to increase cannon fodder for the right wing's never-ending, never fought-in unholy and so-called “holy” wars of genocide against Islam and oil conquest, we believe that the Christian religious case for the true Christian and quiet
ancient concept that “Life Begins At Birth” has been duly and irrevocably made, both here at lifebeginsatbirth.org, and in the Bible itself, as well as in the true Witness of the Holy Spirit.

If one needs any further proof that the author of “Life Begins at Conception” is
Satan, one only needs to look at how its most vocal and virulent proponents fight any possible strategy that would, indeed, if enacted, cause less abortion: contraception, sex education, and eradication of poverty so women can afford to bear children in the first place!!

Indeed, their hateful policies
insure more abortion, more guilt, and most importantly of all? More political donations.

In closing: The god of “personhood” and “Life Begins at Conception” is
Satan and none other. And that this is the issue of the last days where, as Jesus Christ Himself warned, “the very elect [the Church itself] would be deceived.”

In the parable of the Wise vs. the Foolish Virgins, Jesus Christ
Himself tells us that fully half of Christendom will not have enough of the Holy Spirit in them [oil in their lamps] to meet the Bridegroom [Christ] when He has been late for the wedding. [Jewish weddings traditionally occur at sunset, and He tarried for His own reasons until well after midnight and; they needed oil lamplight to see where they were going]. If this is a parable of any sort of Rapture and the wedding between Christ and His Church, let it be a chastening one: Those who believe the heretical blasphemy that makes god out to be a sadistic wasteful monster might just well end up with that very god and going through his Great Tribulation.

We believe this is a distinct possibility given the warning of Our Lord via this parable. This is
our greatest fear for Christendom today.

Do you need to judge and hate so much that you would make your god out to be one who makes a third of women child murderers? Or your god a sadistic monster wasting souls and humanity on unborn containers he knows will never live and be horrifically destroyed?

We believe our God is
nothing of the kind.

We believe as all of humanity did until the 1960's, that
life begins at birth or premature birth, with the first breath, and not a single moment before.

We believe the termination of a pregnancy
is not, nor has it ever been, a premature birth or sin of any sort whatsoever, unless that fruit became a baby by God Himself breathing the breath of life and with it, a human soul, into the empty container of the body.

We believe that then
and only then you have a miracle, a Frank Sinatra. This is not meant to be a joke, the distinction needs to be drawn that clearly and that sharply. If and only when it breathes, at that moment it becomes human, and only then does it need to be recognized as so and fully nurtured. The rest is up to God.

Through education, advertising, celebrity endorsement, fundraising, and community outreach to all churches, synagogues, congregations, groups and organizations, it is our aim to undo the misery and wrong that the heretical blasphemous notion of “personhood” and “Life Begins at Conception” have caused worldwide.

Join us in spreading God’s Holy Truth about this issue, and convincing and saving billions of women and men from the untold guilt, misery, grief, and lifelong harm and destruction from the heretical and blasphemous false witness of organized religions and political parties making people who are not and who have never been, “child” “murderers.” Amen.

Thank you for your time, support, understanding, and caring.

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